Candidates are requested to remember the following rules while creating their user name and password.

1.        Username Rules:

  • Username will be the registered email address of the candidate.
  • Username should have a minimum of eight character length and a maximum of 15 characters.

2.       Password Policy:

  • Password should be at least 8 characters in length. The maximum length of a Password could be 20.
  • Password must have at least One number, One special character (@ # $ % ^ & * ), and One alphabet
  • Passwords are case-sensitive (Eg: CAT@cusat2018, CAT@CUSAT2018, Cat@CUSAT20168are different passwords).
  • During change of password, the new Password should also adhere to the above Rules. While changing password, do not use the password used for last three times against the same username.
  • An initial random password (OTP) will be assigned by the system upon user registration
  • The initial random password should be used for first log-in.
  • Upon first log-in, the user will be prompted to change the password. The user will be required to choose a password of his / her choice meeting the password policy mentioned above.

See instructions in the web site on “how to register” your application for more details.