Hostel Facilities
Hostel accommodation for around 600 male and 700 female students is  available for Undergraduate/ Postgraduate / Research students.
Main Campus
Sanathana, Siberia, Sarovar and Post metric hostel for boys Men’s Hostels 
Aiswarya, Athulya, Anaswara and Post metric  hostel for girls  Ladies’ Hostels    
OBC Post Metric Hostel for Girls    Ladies' Hostel

Lakeside Campus

Cochin University Marine Science Campus Hostel
Men’s Hostel

Application forms for admission to University Hostels are available online at the University website  Printout of the completely filled in application form is to be submitted to the respective Department office.  Head of Department will forward all the applications together to the hostel office after verification and giving priority number based on the distance of home town from the University.

Admission to hostels is not the right of any student. The University reserves the right to open or close any or all of the hostels, or parts thereof or deny admission to or expel any student, or shift a student from one hostel to another - all without assigning any reason.

Admission to the Hostel is open to full-time regular students admitted to a programme of study of not less than two semesters. Priority is given to SC/ST, physically challenged, foreign and to those students whose normal place of residence is more than 15 kms away from the campus. Separate accommodation is arranged for students under international collaboration.

Full-time research students and fellows working in sponsored research schemes in the University shall only be considered if seats are available. No Ph.D student will be allowed to stay in hostels for a total of more than 3 years in his/her academic career in the University. Full-time students under the ‘Faculty Improvement Programme’ drawing regular salary from their parent institutions are not eligible for hostel accommodation.

Accommodation in the hostels is limited to the duration of the programme to which a student is admitted and he/she is required to vacate the hostel within seven days of his/her taking the last written/practical/viva-voce examination of the programme. No one is eligible for accommodation in the hostel for taking supplementary examinations.

A student admitted to an M.Phil programme will not be allowed accommodation beyond a period of 12 months from the date of admission to the hostel.  During vacation the hostels will remain closed. All students shall remove their personal belongings and vacate the hostels during vacation.  Payment of dues to hostels shall be made in the department/schools concerned.  Detailed rules/fees etc. relating to admission to hostels will be supplied to students at the time of their admission to the hostel.