Campus Discipline

The University provides the best education possible to enable the students to get the most from all aspects of life. In this context, however, it is important that the students realize the symbiotic nature of this relationship and accept the responsibility inherent in this joint venture.

Ragging, use of drugs, drug trafficking, eve-teasing, physical assault / violence of any sort, etc. are criminal offences and are strictly forbidden. Persons found indulging in such activities will be subjected to strict disciplinary action including expulsion from the University, besides other measures under the law of the land. "The Cochin University Students (Conduct and Disciplinary) Code-2005" will be applicable to all students of the University and all its recognized institutions as per order No. Ac.A1/Disciplinary Actions/2004 Dated 18-07-05.

The students who indulge in ragging will be strictly dealt with. If any incident  of ragging comes to the notice of the authorities, the student concerned (accused of indulged in ragging) will be given liberty to explain his /her action and if his /her explanation is not found satisfactory, he/she will be expelled from the institution.

The Syndicate of the University at its 480th meeting held on 18.12.2004 decided to evolve a code of conduct for the students studying in the University and to implement the Judgment of the Hon’ble High Court in R.P.No.435/2003.

Responsibilities of the students.

It shall be the responsibility of the students:

  1. To read, become familiar with and adhere to this Code and any amendment brought to this Code.
  2. To foster and maintain a vibrant academic, intellectual, cultural and social atmosphere which is consistent with the objectives of the University.
  3. To report any violation of this Code to the functionaries under this Code.
  4. To access all educational opportunities and benefits available at the University and make good use of them to prosper academically and develop scientific temper.
  5. To respect the laws of the country, human rights and to conduct in a responsible and dignified manner at all times.
  6. To respect the cultural and societal values nurtured and followed by people in the State.

Disciplinary Actions

Any student/students exhibiting prohibited behaviour mentioned in Section (6) of the Code shall, depending upon the gravity of the misconduct or depending on its recurrence, be subjected to disciplinary actions, as per the Code.

Undertaking by the students

The students joining any academic programme of the University will have to give an undertaking to the effect that he/she will fully comply with the provisions envisaged in this Code in letter and spirit.

A Committee constituted in accordance with UGC guidelines on prevention of sexual harassment to women at the work place maintains vigil to prevent / combat the perpetration of any such attempts.